About us

We Help You Manage Your Business Relations With Africa

Are you doing/intending to do business in Africa? Let us find the right opportunities for you, connect you, and prepare you adequately.

If you are already there let us improve your operations and lower your cost

The Need

Africa is largely an unknown and uncharted territory for many corporations. This is one of the reasons companies/organizations in the United States and the world have not done much business with Africa, yet the continent is awash with opportunity. While the opportunity is yours to ponder, aspire, scheme and exploit; we help you prepare and succeed in your pursuit of success Africa.

We are aware that what complicates Africa is the fact that it is not uniform: indeed, the uniformity of Africa is its Disuniformity. Yet, there is surprising ubiquity amidst this Disuniformity.

We help you get equipped

Because those who are equipped do succeed, we work closely with you to discuss your business/organizational needs and expectations, proceed to tailor, and design an appropriate program for you or your organization. We help you understand the comprehensive business environment and processes therein that impact your agenda, shape your execution, and determine your skills. We help you navigate your business effectively and at a lower cost.

We find the right connections for you

We know you have no time to research and identify the appropriate connections – we do it for you.

We cultivate your prospects

We successfully match and connect you

We stewardship, leverage and deepen your relations.

Better still we may contract your entire operation and effectively run it for you at a fraction of your cost.

Who do we help?

A complete Africa relations management consultancy: We help Business corporations, Governments, Multilateral agencies, and Nonprofit organizations effectively execute their missions in Africa. If your organization or company has business with Africa, let us advise you or better still, manage the related projects for you because we have the know-how.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Bymax Group Inc. office or submit a business inquiry online.


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